Z-paper-769 --> The battle of math kernels VS DeKalb seed kernels

by Herb Zinser

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 769 uses the SYMBOL MACHINE and its various languages and optical analysis systems to understand modern EVENTS ... such as  tragic signaling EVENTS.


Such a signaling EVENT occurred at Cole Hall in DeKalb, Illinois.  

The empirical data EVENT -->


Evans Field House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The  Evans Field House is a 6,000-seat multi-purpose arena in DeKalb, Illinois, USA. The arena opened in 1956 and was home to the Northern Illinois


Thus we see the basic signal 

--> oceanography implies WAVE ....  can indirectly imply electromagnetic waves of television, radio, etc

--> field house --> indirectly  suggest electromagnetic fields  and the languages SYMBOL HOUSES contained in the photon city  within the velocity of light ... c = 186,000.

The word --> velocity --> has an algebra subset word--> city   ... thus the optical city inside the eye / retina / optical nerve and the human brain optical computer


--> farm/ agriculture Brand Name --> DeKLAB seeds --> word seeds --> see + ds -->
see data set --> Nature's  solar system ....  the optics electromagnetic / photon system that keeps track of  information and existences ..... including its interaction with humanoid life forms and their elaborate optical television schemes  and  magazine color printing .... manipulation tricks..

Hence, the optical nerve and its SYMBOL LIFE content of  English language nouns, concepts, ideas .... needed to convey  a message  about the problem .. ..to convey the message various CLUES and pieces  to the problem puzzle needed to be sent  ...to the world.

Nature, hoped that someone would recognize the pieces and how they fit together into one MAIN idea.  Thus a humanoid thinker   .... using the math concept ...integration by parts ..... would see the parts , the pieces of the puzzle ..........  the question being ....  do these information  pieces HAVE a larger SIGNAL of significance.

Hence, Nature selection of the college town of DEKALB  for creation of the tragic signaling EVENT  ...the optics signal.  The college town is a region of convergence (ROC) for several key words ..... that are represented by various people, institutions, etc ...... that are bystanders to NATURE's message system.

Thus see the ENGLISH language ...eye/ optical nerve SYMBOL PROCESSOR  keywords ...

DeKalb  ---> also implies DeKalb SEEDS (corn and soybeans) --> SEEDS --> See data set.

This is not new .......  the IRAQ / KuWAIT war in 1990/1991 had  the DS battles --> Desert Storm and Desert Shield ...... DS = Data SET battles  ... year 1991 optical DATA SET battles in the EARTH geography region of sunlight and sand  ....... CLUES to a larger VIEW  ....such as TOE and GUT theory and its battles.


In addition the college town has keywords -->  Evans Field House and oceanography wave class ---> Field + wave --> electromagnetic fields are are very likely concept.


Let's look at Z-paper 769 and look at the math Kernels battle.



Kernel -- from Wolfram MathWorld

mathworld.wolfram.com › ... › General Linear Algebra


so the kernel gives the elements from the original set that are mapped to zero by the function. Ker(f) is therefore a subset of A. The related image of a function is ... ..

the image of a  physical biology single corn kernel that is like SYMBOL LIFE  number zero

corn cob kernels.jpg
math kernel zero.PNG
dekalb  seed corn kernels.jpg

Above, we see the messenger SYMBOL.....  the wings 

Symbolism - Medical Definition and More from Merriam-Webster



the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or
 by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible


henry miller   book capricorn.jpg


Tropic of Capricorn (novel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Tropic of Capricorn is a semi-autobiographical novel by Henry Miller, first published in Paris in 1939. The novel was ... The book is a story of spiritual awakening.


The geography ......  agriculture book on the social and sex life of
farm boys wanting to sow their OATS  in  Paris --> Par + Is --> Parallel information systems ....

was LINKED to  


Tropic of Capricorn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Tropic of Capricorn is one of the five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. As of 2014, its latitude is 23° 26' 14.440" south of the Equator, but it ...

Tropic of Cancer --->  ‎Tropic of Capricorn (novel) - ‎BBC TV series

catcher in the rye book.jpg

The Catcher in the Rye - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



The Catcher in the Rye is a 1951 novel by J. D. Salinger. .... Former U.S. president George H. W. Bush called it "a marvelous book," listing it among the books ...

JD Salinger - ‎Holden Caulfield - ‎Comin' Thro' the Rye - ‎



This farm industry book on the solar system photosynthesis message pathway had its source in RYE BREAD --> key word --> BREAD -->  B + read.

Thus the Solar System .... electromagnetic PHOTON source code  ... 

Oats, Wheat and Rye Grain - Hancock Seed Company

www.hancockseed.com › Seed VarietiesFood Plot Seed

Products 1 - 20 of 20 - Oats, wheat and grain rye are planted during the fall ...

Growing Grains: Wheat, Spelt, Oats, Barley, Rye and More: Organic chemistry expression systems ...



Organic horticulture

Raising grains such as wheat, spelt, oats, rice, buckwheat, barley, millet, and rye in your backyard doesn't require any special machinery, and you may be .

grains wheat rye.PNG
The Carl Jung  and Jung  SEEDS in Sun Praire, Wisconsin   --> give the SUN / Solar system pathway of JUNG SEE DS  ..... and now we have the addition of music lyrics..      

The Carl Jung  and Jung  SEEDS in Sun Praire, Wisconsin   --> give the SUN / Solar system pathway of JUNG SEE DS  ..... and now we have the addition of music lyrics..



Carl jung.PNG

Above, we see the SOLAR SYSTEM  ..... sunlight / eye / optical nerve .... education signal -->

University of BaseL----> Base + L -- l --> universe Base Languages

jung seeds  catalog.PNG

jung man symbols.PNG




Thus we see Nature's digestive system commands to the human brain bio-computer  .....  Polish style  COLE SLAW --> the parallel sound/ phonetic commands --> Cole Slaughter --> the shooting at Cole Hall in  the message processing  region  ..... the farm agriculture ... EARTH geography country of  Northern Illinois university ...... west of Chicago.

picture  - hex 2.PNG

lewis structure sodium chloride salt.PNG
iron core - Earth.PNG

Thus we see pieces to some puzzles about the relationship between man and NATURE ...the Social Contract as outlined by  philosopher John Locke   AND the  philosophy trial at Penn State university ... with the DATA SIGNAL   pattern of words ...... with JOE Pattern Paterno  ... and  the  men's toilet / football team shower /  john / locker rooms DATA EVENT.


Penn State denies the existence of JOHN LOCKE. Their rigged, distorted trial was a great Hollywood style performance.   The omission of many important factors and concepts in the TRIAL  is  a serious problem    ..... that reflects their student brain awareness  .. deficiency problems.