Z-paper-718 ---> the Pentagon math insects WAR with Army ROOTWORM

by Herb Zinser

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 718 uses the SYMBOL MACHINE words,  equations, formula to study various problems in the SYMBOL dimension of Sartre existialism.   These SYMBOL language problems can affect the human brain  ... a bio-computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR.



     Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE and its word commands upon the human bio-computer symbol processor.


The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English language words and concepts, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, electromagnetic sin wave schematics, etc.   The SYMBOL MACHINE equivalent are basic college textbooks in math and science  that may be found in any  bookstore  or a bookstore near a university.


We are reminded of ......


Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ...

books.google.com › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎

A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ...


Hayakawa: A Summary - Personal Homepages


Apr 22, 2008 - Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...


Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel



Uit: Language in Thought and Action, door S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds. First,  




     Korzybski's Structural Differential and Hayakawa's Abstraction Ladder. By Steve Stockdale. This paper was inspired by, and is addressed to, Andrea Johnson's ...

Abstraction Ladder - Rijnlandmodel





GENERAL SEMANTICS & RHINELAND MODEL ... abstractions and their relations is originated by Alfred Korzybski in his book Science and Sanity. ... Hayakawa's version starts with a real live animal, Bessie the cow. ... collected by Hayakawa in his archetypal version of the abstraction ladder, see the illustration alongside.       

ladder of abstraction  from umstattd site.jpg

Thus we have the SYMBOL MACHINE military roles ....  military positions in the world of English language dictionaries, English literatures,  newspaper publishing, etc.

Thus the identifiers ---> black ink PEN --> ink Pentagon 

Military  role --> General -->  GENERAL SEMANTICS  ...a SYMBOL MACHINE military administration office  that NATURE's systems needs to assign to a physical biology humanoid with a adult brain that has an interest in such matters.

Thus we have 2 types of GENERALS

The traditional concept .....

General officer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



A general officer is an officer of high military ranks, usually in the army, and in some nations, the air force. The term is widely used by many nations of the world, ...

All general officer ranks - ‎The specific general rank - ‎General ranks by country

AND the world of knowledge with

GENERAL math --> with a MR.math representative

GENERAL biochemsitry  --> a human  spokeperson

GENERAL English language  --> needs a human bio-computer with a IBM parallel  Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain SYMBOL processor operating with OS/JCL SNA VTAM at 37 degrees human body temperature Celsius.

Let's look at Z-paper 718 and its CLUES to the modern year 2014 VIEW  of a military puzzle that needs high school algebra.


Star Trek Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


Star Trek

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Benjamin Sisko on space station Deep Space 9, an outpost situated near

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour of Project Plan Nine =  9 


This website is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of the planets, moons and other objects in our solar system

deep space nine.PNG


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (sometimes abbreviated to ST: DS9 or DS9) is a ... near the newly discovered Bajoran wormhole, allowing access to the distant, ...

Deep Space Nine episodes - ‎Avery Brooks - ‎Nana Visitor - ‎Cirroc Lofton



Star Trek Bajoran Wormhole


Discovered on stardate 46379.1 by Deep Space Nine science officer Jadzia Dax, the Bajoran Wormhole is the first and only completely stable wormhole known ...



deep space nine wormhole.jpg

Now, we have the Solar System signal  9  broadcast on television  and via paperback books .... an electromagnetic signal related to   SUNLIGHT  and the Nature's intellectual engineering process known as photosynthesis .... that was involved in the building of the TREE of KNOWLEDGE.


An advanced expression of such a system ... is the English language cellulose paper expression ....



photo + syn + thesis

photo + syntax  + thesis ( a cellulose book printed with black ink )...


Introductory Botany: Plants, People, and the ... - Google Books

books.google.com › NaturePlantsGeneral

Clear and engaging, Linda Berg's INTRODUCTORY BOTANY: PLANTS, PEOPLE, AND THE ENVIRONMENT helps you develop an appreciation of the diverse ...



 Linda --> agent identifier code --> Lin + da --> Line of data with DA = Differential Amplifier electron circuits in her atomic, bio-physics  brain composed of:

picture - atom 22.PNG

picture - logan 3.PNG

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Before 1700, this region was inhabited by Potawatomi peoples descended from ... In 2003, Oconomowoc acquired Pabst Farms from the Town of Summit. Pabst ...




History - Pabst Farms - Experience A Rare Way Of Life


100-Year Legacy of Farming & Land Conservation. While many people associate the Pabst family with the famous Pabst Blue Ribbon brew, farming is an even ...

The Pabst Archives was founded in 1994 in order to collect and preserve materials pertaining to the Pabst Mansion, the Pabst Family, Pabst Brewing Company, the Pabst Farms, and all Pabst related topics. The collection features over 5,000 photographs ranging from 1855 to the present. This captures a broad spectrum of social history experienced and documented by one family. 


The glory days of Pabst Farm Holsteins - Wisconsin State Farmer

www.wisfarmer.com › Features

Jan 31, 2013 - I assured him that indeed the Pabst Farms name is far from forgotten in .... amateur historians like me know the history and fame of this land.

corn stalk roots.PNG

Above, the corn stalk quadratic equation  roots  in the Pabst Farm mathematical    geography region.


In addition we had the accidental  bio-math murder of quadratic equation  PRINTER with human proper noun identifier-->

Quad/Graphics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Quad/Graphics is an American printing company, based in Sussex, Wisconsin. It was founded on July 13, 1971, by Harry V. Quadracci

Harry Quadracci Dies - Founder of Quad Graphics - Free Republic


Free Republic

Jul 29, 2002 - President and founder of Quad/Graphics, Harry V. "Larry" Quadracci, 66, died Monday in an apparent drowning in Pine Lake  ....



oconomowoc map 1.PNG

Math  social accounting crimes in Milwaukee , SUMMIT, Oconomowoc geography region....


SUMMIT --> algebra  subset word SUM -->  Nature's  MITochondria   accounting total

TOTZKE --> TOT + Z + KE -->  accounting TOTAL   Z (statistical estimator symbol Z ) Key  



www.620wtmj.com › NewsLocal


The body of Gloria Jean Totzke, 59, was found in her bed at her Oconomowoc home Aug. 10, 2006, according to court documents. The ax used to kill her was ........  the ax of the SYMBOL MACHINE quadratic equation that was transformed to physical biology REALITY using Mark D. TOTZKE's subliminal  MIND  as the humanoid carrierr for  Nature's  math militray actions.

picture  - hex 2.PNG
picture - logan 7.PNG

Thus we see that Nature's mathematical-physics geography surface of  EARTH with COMPUTER EARTH system 370 soil / LAND ( LAND = Local Area Network  Data)   had a very important data processing experiment in progress at Pabst Farms with the 4-legged Holsteins.  The EARTH LAB site with Base 16 hexadecimal Highway  was LINKED to the quadratic equation with roots 4 --> LINKED to the  4-legged Holsteins bio-computer systems  --> subset identifier word: Holstein's --> stein's --> LINK to Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory and its applications in  Nature's accounting SUM region of SUMMIT / Oconomowoc.

Thus the community role in the set-up  and triggering the murder process of Mother EARTH's defense systems.


The Roots Of Evil - Newsweek



Mathematical Sciences | U.S. Army Research Laboratory


United States Army Rese...

Mathematical Sciences Division. Contact information and reports.



  • Technology - Sun Prairie Seeds


    ... fall armyworm, corn stalk borer, western corn root worm, northern corn root ... southern cornstalk borer,
    corn earworm,
    corn stalk borer,
    and fall army worm.

Research Programs from BAA - Mathematical Sciences | U.S. Army ...


United States Army Rese...

Mathematical language, theory, and methods pervade research, development, testing, and evaluation encountered by the Army and the academic disciplines in ...

fall army worm.

fall army worm.

fall army worm.

First Battle of Fallujah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Date, 4 April 2004 – 1 May 2004. Location, Fallujah, Iraq. Result, Stalemate US agrees to hand control of the city to the Fallujah Brigade ...

Background - ‎Blackwater deaths - ‎The Campaign - ‎Legacy


reports  --> fall army rootworm --> Fallujah IRAQ battle of the ARMY  ...... super-symmetry parallel mirror to Base 16 Hexadecimal Highway  16 battle over Pabst Farms.

Year 2004 --> Base 2 exponent 4  --> Base 16 COMPUTER EARTH LINK to Wisconsin  region data processing DATA FIELDs   --> Base 16 HEX'FA' = 250 --> Farm Data fields of Pabst Farms 

An additional consequence involved  the University of Wisconsin INTELLECTUAL neglect to pay attention to the farm community and the Future Farmers of America  ... the EFFECT was the accidental murder of Base 16 HEX "FFA"  bio-computer organization member MATT ANDERSON .

Wisconsin Ag Connection - Past State FFA President Killed in Farm ...


Aug 20, 2007 - According to the Sauk County Sheriff's Department, Matt Anderson was driving an end loader onto a trailer at about 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning ...


botany berg book.PNG

Chapter 6: Introductory Botany, Plants, People and the Environment ...



Vocabulary words for Plant Organs: Roots . Includes ... Chapter 6: Introductory Botany, Plants, People and the Environment, 2nd edition by Linda Berg



  • Botanical gazette - Volume 33 - Page 361 - Google Books Result


    John Merle Coulter, ‎M.S. Coulter, ‎Charles Reid Barnes - 1902 - ‎Botany

    Rheotropism is not confined to the primary root. Berg(/. c.) states that he observed it in the secondary roots of eight species of plants, while it was absent in one ...


Thus we see the role of math roots in bio-math BOTANY  .....



A multicellular lateral root emerges from a larger root

A multicellular lateral root emerges from a larger root

A multicellular lateral root emerges from a larger root  --> TREE of Knowledge roots


picture - logan 7.PNG


A multicellular lateral root emerges from a larger root  -

A multicellular lateral root emerges from a larger root  -

A multicellular lateral root emerge  .........

A multicellular lateral root emergency    -->  Milwaukee region of SUMMIT and the quadratic equation murder SIGNAL of TOTAL/ Summit   --> Totzke math trial in Waukesha, Wisconsin


A multicellular lateral root emergency 

A multicellular lateral root emerge +  nc  + cy  --> emergency numerical control systems cybernetics  WAR with Norbert  Wiener (SYMBOL MACHINE book)    and  the Milwaukee  policeman Norberg  wounded in the  Norbert W. cybernetics  shooting SIGNAL.


Thus we see CLUES to  several puzzles ...... about Nature and human events   .... mysteries we ought try to understand.