Martin Luther and the Ninety-Five Thesis

by Herb Zinser

Concept Paper CP-164 by Herb Zinser

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Martin Luther OSA (German: [ˈmaɐ̯tiːn ˈlʊtɐ] ( listen); 10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German monk, Catholic priest, professor of theology ...

The Ninety-Five Theses - ‎Martin Luther King, Jr. - ‎Diet of Worms - ‎

In modern terms, the human brain bio-computer  AND the partially parallel model of the copper wire computer and its hardware and software

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Below, an example of what brain computer code looks like in  BAL --> Basic Assembler Language as used by  human bio-computer puppets in the city of BAL = Baltimore

Below, the  binary signal of 100,000 rebels of year 1524  is equal to decimal number 32.

Thus we have the human bio-computer brain COBOL WORD 32 express itself in year 1524 bu humanoids breathing oxygen molecule atomic  mass 32 .

Hex codes 1.PNG