Book reveals University of Wisconsin atomic social science SECRETS

by Herb Zinser

Book-126 analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at some of the subset secret message codes embedded within the larger context of a paperback book about Madison, Wisconsin  and the Carl Jung subconsiousness GROUP MIND secrets of the  University of Wisconsin collective of students, professors, administrators, and electromagnetic(em) life forms with EARTH LAB identifier em = employees.

The atomic collective student body ..... a composite  body composed of thousands of human people ... is perceived by Nature as a living entity ...... that  concept  of groups is well known ...instutions and corporations  have a life of their own ..... they are living entities ... in many ways  an individual human being.

The author's ability .....  to intercept the more hidden levels of thought that reside in the EARTH LAB  site of experimental human BRAIN specimens  ....


Chemical Families

Families of elements on the periodic table are in vertical columns called groups. ... The new IUPAC system uses common Arabic numbers, from 1 to 18, to number the .... Their melting and boiling points increase with increasing atomic number.

Above ...... Latin mass and Latin atom mass  and Latin religious  mass?

The confusion resulted in the Latin bridge assassination of  the atomic HUMAN agent
Fer =  Ferrous  oxide IRON atom in year 1914.

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria ...


On 28 June 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the ..... in front of a nearby food shop (Schiller's delicatessen), near the Latin Bridge.

Thus the Latin language problems and Spanish language problems ..that create wars.

Archduke Ferdinand ...subset code words ..
Arch..........fer ........system architecture of EARTH iron core  upon the EARTH surface with human display devices for Ferrous oxide IRON atomic and its social expression system

The modern year 2105 site of Fer = FermiLAB has a complete  denial of  the existence of these matters and a denial of the existence of the proper  noun Wilson   ....
and the year 2014  ....... 100th year anniversary  shooting of Michael Brown over  Fer code   in ferguson, Missouri with Darren Wilson ... messenger for Wilson Hall.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror  Mirror on the water  

who is the Nature's ........   Data array enegry (Darren) Wilson.

HIghway 19 ...... atomic number 19 for K =Potassum atom and brain K-channel information highways

Na = North america .... Highway 19  =  K inside your brain 

keywords --> Wisconsin earth 
..........................................sine waves with Nikola Tesla  EARTH vibrations .

Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine - The Excluded Middle

In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may ... A vibration sent through the earth returns an "echo signature" using the same ...

O = Obama --> Oxygen Base Map communictaions officer named President O  at abse 16 address of 1600 Pennsylvaniua Avenue.    Washington DC people deny the existence  of oxygen breathing LUNGS of the huamnaoid format named Obama.


They claim he is an EM (electromagnetic) life form .... an EM bio- subroutine program that uses the human body.brain   as a computer host platform   ...such as  ....  is done ....  
with  EM =  EMbassy officials that use the human  format for  their EM field expressions. 

Above , messages to astronomers about the mass ...   mass communications WARS

Above words- -->
A large oval  table filled the room --> translated information .....

the Oval office and SYMBOL?CONCEPT tables filled the  THINKING MACHINE room


Above words --> Mo recognized three of the seven people  at the table
---> in other words...........

--> Mo reco   three   seven table ---->

--> molecular records   .... 370 data processing SYMBOL tables

above page words ......

Wallace Pierpont --> code words --> Wallace Pier  pont 

Wallace --> wall ace --> brain cell wall acethylcholine messages VIA

George Wallace - Biography - U.S. Governor -

On, learn about George Wallace, the four-time governor of Alabama and three-time presidential hopeful best remembered for his 1960s ...


George  --> Geo + rg + e --> Geography region earth ...... the living EARTH cell wall  and the humans and building on the surface  that act as neurotransmitters  ... in the context of EARTH systems with Nature's INTELLECT

Earth cell   Wallace
...............................acetylecholine in the


 alabama ... algebra subset codes are  

--> a +al + lab + ba + ma -->  american alphabet LAB base map ....  - Biography
- U.S. Governor ..subset agent for

US = Universe Systems, learn about George Wallace, the four-time governor of Alabama and three-time presidential hopeful best remembered for his 1960s ...


code word --> pierpont --> Pier and pont -->
Pier Oddone (physics)   and DuPONT (chemistry)



DuPont - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


E. I. du Pont (co)de Nemours and Company,
commonly referred to as DuPont (Duplicate Pointer with DP = Data Processing ),
is an American chemical company that was founded in July 1802 as a gunpowder mill ...

Éleuthère Irénée du Pont - ‎Ellen J. Kullman - ‎Dupont - ‎Spandex

Pier Oddone to Step Down as Fermilab Director


Aug 2, 2012 - Pier Oddone to Step Down as Fermilab Director ... decided to retire after eight years at the helm of America's leading particle physics laboratory.

At top page --> title codes ...
the FermiLAB approval of the murder system,  murders  trials, and   DEATH THREATS and DEATH sentences  (that concsequently  creates DEATH in the human brain processors   to create Alzheimer's disease ...a consequence  of  judical SYMBOL LIFE  disease).


The FermILAB approval of  the ancient  murder system as a Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ... atomic social science engineering and thought control mechanism..


Murder --> M-theory approval of uranium 235 and 238    dermatology control of
atomic bio-physics humanoids of the   EARTH LAB specimen identifier
--> B.F. Skin inner .... SKINNER

B.F. skin inner circle group ..
Batavia FermiLAB  skinner group  stuying the inner workings of their own atomic existence ........

The super-symmetry mirror of 92  -->   29 copper   ........
gives CLUES about the city with electricity    .............

.........    city   ... and  Nature's electric LAWS  and the    brain electron flow problems at the Department of Juice  evolution  ---> Ju + ice --> Justice

Above words .................  ared languages


A Short Summary of Islamic Beliefs - Lambert Dolphin's Library

Founded in the 7th century AD, Islamic fundamental beliefs include belief in a

A Short Summary of Islamic Beliefs 

A Short Sum                    amic Beliefs 

A Short Sum                    atomic 
A Short Sum   mary = Ma + ary = Math array 

Mary Shelley - Biography - Author -

Mary Shelley is known for her famous horror novel, Frankenstein, and for her tumultuous marriage to epic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Learn more at ...

Mary Shelley

Ma + ary   + Shell + ey

Math array  (table)  of shell information  ..eye/optical  database

Mary Shelley is known for her famous Base 16 hexadecimal  novel, Frankenstein, and for her tumultuous marriage to epic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Learn more at ...

Frankenstein --> F  rank and file of data  from level enstein -->. einstein

Hex'F' = 15 ...thus the year 2015 Heirarchy Problem  in physics ... is   really the Frankenstein puzzle problem  FermiiLAB


Not to be outdone  by the FermiLAB Frankenstein INTELLECTUAL challenge, the University of Chicago in Hyde Park  ...... has the poetry of HIDE park 



Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Wikipedia, the free ...'s_hierarchy_of_needs


Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological ...

Abraham Maslow - ‎Self-actualization - ‎Clayton Alderfer - ‎Psychological Review



Maslow --> Mas  + slow --> mass slow --> atomic mass communications is slow it rises up to a surface level of conscious expression

Above, last sentence  --> the waitress ......
.......................................................wait --> kuWait war in 1990.