Falk iron gear and the IRON LADY insurance battle

by Herb Zinser

Concept Paper CP-60 by Herb Zinser covers the Falk iron gear explosion in  the Milwaukee Wisconsin ...... Earth  WAR ZONE. 

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COMPUTER EARTH magnetic field TAPE  flow lines interact  with the iron skyscrapers buildings ...that are conceptually equivalent to the tape drives above ..using super-symmetry physics MIRRORS.

COMPUTER EARTH magnetic field TAPE  flow lines interact  with the iron skyscrapers buildings ...that are conceptually equivalent to the data processing  tape drives ..using super-symmetry physics,  geo-physics and bio-physics,.

Witinin the IRON skyscraper are human bio-computers with the IRON Heme group(ii).

These human have heads that read newspapers and business reports ...and  their arms write status reports on their job tasks.  These human bio-computers have the well-known English language slang phrases ..."Chip on their shoulder"  and " a CHIP off the old block".  

In addition, these humans are part of the NIXON tape system of Nature.   Thus the human HEAD acts as a READ/WRITE tape head within the context of the EARTH's magnetic field TAPE flow.  The World Trade Center  human TAPE data is lousy nonsense ... dribble ...from Nature's social  engineering systems VIEW.. 

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Magnetic-tape definition, a ribbon of material, usually with a plastic base, coated on ... iron oxide, used to record sound or video signals or to store information in computers ... A plastic tape coated with iron oxide for use in magnetic recording.


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Magnetic tape data storage is a system for storing digital information on magnetic ... IBM computers from the 1950s used ferrous-oxide coated tape similar to that ...

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The University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, Wisconsin is by Lake Mendota .... the campus itself has humans known as Lake Men ..... since, they emerged from waterbags and their social science mentality is still in that phase of development.


Thus we see the Darwinian VIEW of INTELLECTUAL evolution in Madison using Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE and its languages and word CLUES.

The adult human in Madison started out as a FISH (father's sperm)  and traveled up the INTERNAL biology highway (of an adult female) to hatch inside the womb. Thus the START of the life of a Lake Man ... who is born, goes to grammar school, etc .... and then his FISH HEAD evolutionary instinct  draws him to the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness GROUP MIND of Lake Men that  converge  upon the Lake Mendota region at the University of Wisconsin.


Nature sent the Lake Men Mentality of UW a HIERARCHY PROBLEM empirical data message that has been ignored.   The water  molecule continuum message about  arrogance and bragging  ...and the incomplete explanations of REALITY from university Hollywood style story telling systems ..... and the universities lack of communication integrity..



Thus we  have CLUES about  the need for more insurance options to cover the various accident and WAR circumstances that  are involved in the  .........


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A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory, ultimate theory or master theory refers to the hypothetical presence of a single, all-encompassing, coherent ...

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