Group 67 - Clifford Lane airplane crash analysis

by Herb Zinser

Let's look at the super-symmetry  physics  CREATED accident at the West Road and Clifford Lane in the region of Watertown Wisconsin.   Near Watertown is the Hubbleton astronomy WAR project...... 

The Hubble Wars: Astrophysics Meets Astropolitics in ... - › ... › Astronautics & Space Flight

The Hubble Wars: Astrophysics Meets Astropolitics in the Two-Billion-Dollar Struggle over the Hubble Space Telescope, With a New Preface [Eric J. Chaisson] ...


and the super-symmetry physics / geo-physics MIRROR

The Hubble(ton) Wars with tons of EARTH weight  and the gravity county road G =  universal gravitational constant .............. all at the secret location known as Hubbleton,  Wisconsin.


Thus we see how the  CARGO air plane that crashed  ( a plane geometry device invented by the WR = Wright brothers ) exists as a plane geometry object within the
EARTH's mathematical-physics field.

Thus the  physics Sartre  existential field  directed the  WR plane and the plane geometry signaling event to occur at a WR location --> this being the WEST ROAD and Clifford Lane ( the poetry  ....lane implies airplane).

The Computer Earth system 370 instruction location CLI  (Compare Logical immediate) at Clifford Lane ....  is Nature's system message for humanoid thinkers to compare some concepts, things, etc.


WR --> Wright Brothers and 100 years later ..... the West Road brothers 

CLI --> need a West Road person with some computer programming background on MAIN FRAMES.

Plane crashed in a Einstein's FIELD theory DEMO  application location ... an agriculture  farm field  ....... corn and soybeans --> Imply EARTH heritage ... Tropic of Capri+corn.


Thus we have some SYMBOL/concept clues of a puzzle  known as the THEORY of EVERTYTHING  ..... and that includes some aviation accidents.


System/370 Operator's Reference Guide‎

operation of your IBM system, consult the IBM System/370 ... tion such as condition codes, status and sense bytes, etc. ..... Error Recovery Procedures .



4xxx LE/370 abend codes - IBM‎


Dec 12, 2013 - Abend codes in the range 4000 to 4095 are issued by LE/370 ... these abends can occur when the system is under stress and LE/370 is unable .


super-symmetry   ..........




(Flight 370: The search goes under(cover)    water(town) - --> EARTH Language signal for the system 370 communications HUB at Hubbleton / Watertown Wisconsin.


Message from the geography / geology  I/O region  (input/output region)  --> I/O = Indian Ocean.