Group 61 - Part 1 The Wald identity of math agent Ted Oswald

by Herb Zinser

The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English language words and concepts, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, electromagnetic sin wave schematics, etc.   The SYMBOL MACHINE equivalent are basic college textbooks in math and science  that may be found in any  bookstore  or a bookstore near a university.

We are reminded of ...... 

Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ... › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎

A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ... .... Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...

Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get mapped to the destination range of physical biology with human activities of the geography surface of EARTH. 

mapping domain range.PNG

Thus we see how SYMBOLS, word commands, etc are used to control the human brain.

Brain programming ERRORs can result in Nature's systems CREATING a crime to create a message from the intellectual community --> in this case  ....  the death of LU = Logical Unit --> LUTZ.

Hence, understanding the existence of  Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is important

In addition, we see many CRYPTIC  math and science clues printed in newspapers  .........  . useful for understanding the THEORY  of Everything AND Grand Unified Theory.