Nature's Lac Operon military operation near Lac La Belle – the Oconomowoc genetics WAR

by Herb Zinser

From the Z-papers by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 841 uses Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE words and languages to explain tragic signaling EVENTS.




Man charged with killing mother with ax, planned rampage ... › ... › BREAKING CRIME NEWS!

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The killing of 59-year-old Gloria J. Totzke while she slept early Thursday in Oconomowoc, Wis., marked the  molecular  cell biology  city's first slaying in at least   30 years, .


Below, the polymerase command to the brain symbol processor --->

polymerase ... subset word instructions to brain axon ...
........... erase / get rid of ...............................bra person... use ax for axon signal


lac operon region 1.PNG


Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its‎

Liberty Fund

Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer .... form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes.


lac la belle 4 good  use.PNG
mark totzke.PNG
lac belle oconomowoc.PNG

Oconomowoc Area School District: Directions › OASD Home<<

In approximately 2 miles, approach
the intersection of County Road Z ...
2013 OASD | 850 Lake Drive | Oconomowoc, WI 53066 | Ph 262 569 4945 |

Attendance: ..

Attendance: ..

 .......... dance: ...... intellectual dance / talk/ invent stories about REALITY and the Z-axis of plane geometry  Sartre existential  space

watertown ixonia.PNG

The biochemistry signaling EVENT‎

Milwaukee Journal Sentin...

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Oct 7, 2008 - Haroon Khan drove a silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and Travis W. Zoellick wanted one just like it. When Khan put his up for sale, ...






SYMBOL MACHINE .......  SIGNAL analysis of information string in newspaper reports 

silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution


Keyword  CLUES  --> SILVER , subset word MIT,  Lancer, Evolution


SILVER --> message for

genetics 1.PNG

MIT --> implies Mitochondria cell battlefield.  Below, is the funeral home coffin configuration for molecular cell biology STUDENTs.

Notice, a subset word of MItchondria --> CHO  --> thus Nature's message delivery system used selection of SYMBOL LIFE proper noun --->  MR. CHO  -->  and the Virginia TECH shooting on April 16 in Norris Hall  ...brain engineering and advanced CAD engineering --.--> student CAD --> CADAVERS

mitchndria cell -- open coffin.PNG

KEYWORD Lancer ---> reference to

The - Home Page‎

The Lancet

The Lancet is the world's leading general medical journal and specialty journals in Oncology, Neurology and Infectious Diseases. Available online first.


The living EARTH cell and the living language message  ......

specialty journals in Oncology, 

specialty journals in Oncology, 

specialty journals in Onco  --> Oconomowoc, Wisconsin



Keyword Evolution --> reference to Charles Darwin and the evolution of SYMBOL LIFE  and a message for  Richard Dawkins.


Richard Dawkins on evolution by natural selection‎

Richard Dawkins on evolution by natural selection. Below is a short, excellent summary of Darwinian evolution by Richard Dawkins from an article Big ideas: ...


Below, the Earth's language map.

Consider the EARTH geography surface as  relatively flat surface in a LOCAL REGION.

Consider the living Earth cell and its geography/ land/soil surface and its proper noun identifiers  .... as equivalent to a page  in a book (like the DU--> Duplicate geography page of DuPAGE county near FermiLAB and its atomic geography department in Batavia, Illinois)


Below, we see the Lancer oncology page for the
living EARTH cell community CANCER problem  ..... community growth problems ..with Nature's usage of oncology signal site --> Onco --> Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

ONC --> O numerical control systems of ONCOLOGY systems

Below, we the MAP code word --> embedded as a subset word within the larger word --> Mapleton

oconom silver road z lac  highway 16 totzke.PNG

Above, we see the EARTH page and its message for humanoids.

Above ...we see DR and Silver L ---> please give message to DR. Silver Langauge book in genetics and biochemistry.

Above, the Z code for the Z-axis plane geometry war and the Z command in Microsoft WORD processor  and the human bio-computer propcessor.

Restore Ctrl-Z | Windows Secrets Lounge › LoungeOffice ApplicationsWord Processing

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Restore Ctrl-Z: I

Control-Z - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Strictly speaking, ^ Control + Z is not a printable character but a code for ... as ^Z. It is generated by pressing the Z key while holding down the ^ Ctrl key on a ... sequences 

Thus we see the important  SYSTEMS  signal from .....

---- Travis Z (Zoellick) in Watertown murders

.----- Mark Totzke --> Totzke component symbols  --> Tot Z key 

Thus we have to do more research these important signaling EVENTS regarding Nature's  human  eye/optical systems and  brain engineering  language errors.

Thus the murder EVENT are really signals about the deeper levels of REALITY in molecular cell biology,   languages, and television and radio optical and sound manipulation ERRORS.

silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

silver 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Keyword  CLUES  --> SILVER , subset word MIT,  Lancer, Evolution

Do these KEYWORD people and journals exist? 

Please tell them .... messages WAITING in year 2014.

picture  - hex 2.PNG

In approximately 2 miles, approach --> base 2 binary systems

the intersection of County Road Z ...






...con ......


Con   ---> Control key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



In computing, a Control key is a modifier key which, when pressed in 


Images for ctrl key z computer -->
VIA Nature's school district messenger --> Tot Z Ke(y)



2013 OASD | 850 Lake Drive --> subroutine driver


Frequently Used Word Shortcut Keys - Word Processing - › ... › Shortcuts & Time Savers

So, if you're not using Word's Shortcut keys, it's time to get started. This quick tip will ... Undo Ctrl + Z Cancels the last change to the document


Frequently Used Word Shortcut Keys 

Frequently Used Word Short     cut ........ Keys  --> applications

Frequently Used Word  (ax or hatchet makes a short cut)  use the  brain bio-computer Keys  family in the BASE 16 hex region of Highway 16 --> the Tot z keys family.

Thus we see Wisconsin advanced computer science  CAD --> CADAVER  technology displayed in Oconomowoc.



IBM MAINFRAME FORUM • View topic - 0C7 error‎

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Hello everyone ! I am having a problem with a 0C7 error. This one : The system detected a data exception (System Completion Code=0C7).

The OC --> Oconomowoc  Wisconsin and the Pabst Farms violations of Hexadecimal Highway 16 laws caused the COMPUTER EARTH system 370 application  OC7  error   .... that created the murder crime involving the TOTZKE information messengers.

cover prin math.PNG







The SYMBOL MACHINE keyword  WACO -->  WA + Co --> also refers to the Water Continuum ....and thus we see the LINK to the LAKE named Lac La Belle.


In addition we have Watertown, Wisconsin west of  Oconomowoc.


Watertown   Ixonia   Oconomowoc  ...... and  Presidential secret code

..................nixon   ... and the watergate geography region In Wisconsin .


Thus we see some pieces to several intertwined string theory puzzles in year 2014.

You can solve these puzzles ...... without the usage of advanced mathematical-physics .... but  basic math and science courses in high school or freshman college ought be enough.

Look at your textbooks.  If you threw them away, go to a bookstore  or college bookstore and buy some college   textbooks for your home reference library  .......  in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes  ........  and you are his next generation.  

Do not disappoint Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson.

Are you to lazy?  Are your watching basketball?  What are your priorities?.