Female interaction with the North Pole Magnetic Field

by Herb Zinser

Concept Paper CP-063 by Herb Zinser on  bio-physics females.

iron core - Earth.PNG
hemoglobin pricture.PNG

The EARTH magnetic   field interacts with the Fe = Ferrous oxide IRON atoms in a bio-physics device with  identifier -->  Fe = Female

Below, a bio-physics device and a bio-math signaling  device on the right side picture.

What math symbol is her spinal cord demonstrating?

bathing suit math curves.PNG

Thus she is expressing her desire ...... .for integration by parts.

She is missing some parts ...hence, she needs   a  male math or science student or professor to fill that VOID in her bio-math life. 

picture - margaret thatcher.PNG

9 track tape - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



IBM 2401 System/360 tape drives that introduced the 9-track format ... The ½ inch (12.7 mm) wide magnetic tape media and reels are the same size as the earlier IBM 7 ... The control electronics would then indicate to the controlling computer that .... data density (6250 BPI) and the introduction of 

Below, two different types of  magnetic devices with read/write HEADS. 


IBM Archives: IBM 2401 magnetic tape unit



Each of these models, specifically designed for use on the IBM System/360, used a nine-track read /write head and had a single density


Hence, the INTELLECTUAL question asked of the female --> Are you dense ?   ...... a reference to her bio-computer   ....read /write head    ..... density

magnetic tape  females.PNG

IBM Archives: IBM 3420 magnetic tape drive



IBM Archives: Exhibits: IBM Storage: IBM 3420 magnetic tape drive. ... At 6,250 bytes per inch (BPI) recording density,

IBM tape reel.PNG

Below, possible female brain  interaction with the NORTH / SOUTH POLE magnetic field tape and its flow thru her body./brain.  That is why women like the BOTANY flower signal on Mother;s day ........ FLOWER has subset word FLOW   .....

MOTHER's Day --> Mother Da --> Mother (EARTH ) data   

Below, the modern female woman configuration ..... a description of her bio-computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR. 

Do you understand your wife?