The WAR to recapture Planet EARTH

by Herb Zinser

Concept Paper CP-132 by Herb Zinser about  the Milky Way Universe and its architectural forces (math structures, etc)  that are helping the Solar System forces (electromagnetic sunlight, gravity fields, etc)  in the battle to control EARTH  human  civilizations and their   alien, nonsense thoughts that violate  basic INTELLECTUAL standards and violate fundamental communications quality control standards.

picture  - hex 2.PNG
hypothesis 2.PNG

Above,  we have the addtitonal EARTH  bio-math decision wars  ...with identifier code Ho.

a) Vietnam War and the Ho ----> Ho Chi Minh trail  of data for math war analysts to follow.  

b) Fort Ho in Killeen Texas and the biochemistry  amino acid trial of Nidal Hasan.

Nature's molecular systems rejects the incomplete and biased explanations given by Washington, DC  and Texas universities .

Texas A&M --> AMINO acid  self-awareness TEST  university is full of  social science and political science bull-stories.

picture - system 370.PNG

Below, the human bio-computer BRAIN WAR message broadcast  on television with  SYMBOL MACHINE language subroutine implants into the brain.

Hence, the battle with  the Virginia TECH  English Department of  words schemes
and "DEATH SENTENCE"   English command manipulations ...... consequently ....  the CHUCK NORRIS Texas Rangers style shoot out at NORRIS HALL using Darwinian SYMBOL LIFE proper noun selection  of Mr.CHO. .

picture - captain picard.PNG
cli - president clinton or climate.PNG